Shadyside, Ohio 43947

Our Town

Tax Levy


Time again to hit the cash cow!

The village has added a 'new' 1.5 mill levy to the ballot for November of 2019. This is in addition to a 4 mill renewal that they are asking for. And the schools are asking for a 4 mill renewal also.


Also, this levy has no expiration. Most levies for the town and school have an expiration of 5 years at which it must be put back on the ballot for renewal. But, this levy proposed runs forever (listed ’a continuing period of time’) . Therefore, you relinquish your right to hold the politicians accountable in the future and loose the right of future votes on this levy. A 2.5 mill levy was renewed 2 years ago for the same purpose and now they attempting to add to it.

Shadyside's Slum Lords

A local slum lord is hard at work building Shadyside's own Japanese style internment camps throughout town.

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Street Sign


Shadyside Lemmings

A comment about the Levy passed in November.


Tim Merryman and Council Canabalizes Swimming Pool



The Decline of Shadyside

Looking back at 1962

Pipe valve

Basic Service Failure

The condition of our streets, sewers and water is terrible!


3 runs a day??? 

Is the existance of a 'Fire District' justified?

Money Down Toilet

Water to Dilles

BPA wants pump station. Who is paying?

School on top of hill

At It Again! 

History repeats itself. Another attempt to build a school.